(1L、クールなカシス) - Alfi真空ジャストアラビア語、1L、メタル、17 x 14 x 26,3 cm、メタル、クールなカシス、1 L【海外直送】 - (1 L, cool cassis) - Alfi vacuum jug Gusto Arabic, 1 L, metal, 17 x 14 x 26,


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当店通常価格 19,190円 (税込)



(1 L, cool cassis) - Alfi vacuum jug Gusto Arabic, 1 L, metal, 17 x 14 x 26,3 cm, Metal, cool cassis, 1 L

Size: 1 L
Colour: cool cassis

What do oriental flair, golden palaces and the city of Wertheim (Baden W・・rttemberg) have in common. The answer is quite easy: the famous producer of vacuum carafes, Alfi, whose head office is in Wertheim (Baden W・・rttemberg) has released the Arabic Design Collection. The combination of Made in Germany with a traditional, oriental design let dream of a world of luxury. The carafes have of course all the advantages and the proved quality of the brand Alfi. Gusto Arabic Design: The vacuum carafe Helena of the Arabic Design Collection has a form which let you think of a One Thousand and One Night world and it is available in many worthy materials, like 24 carats gold, chrome or brass. The perfect carafe for individualists. A noble, classical vacuum carafe with the famous premium quality and the insulating performance by Alfi. , Made in Germany , 12h hot and 24h cold , AlfiDur vacuum glass insert , Chromed handle and spout , Volume: 1l/ 8 cups Colour: cool cassis Alfi article number: 3528242100 , Pack contains:1 Alfi Vacuum Carafe Gusto, Arabic Design, for Tea/Coffee, Cool Cassis/Chromed, 1l, 3528242100

Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 26.3 centimetres (1.2 kg)

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